Presently working as Individual Marine Surveyor; Total 36 years of experiences in Marine industry since 1981 including on board training. Working as Marine surveyor since arrived Quebec, Canada from 2004. Working experiences with ANTARES Marine based in Quebec, Master Marine Services based in Ontario and Intertek Canada based in Montreal.
1) Draft Survey
2) Bunker Survey
3) Off /On hire Full condition Bunker Survey
4) Hold inspection
5) Hatch Cover water Tightness inspection
6) Barge Draft Survey
7) Sampling/Analysis
8) Cargo Inspection
9) Load and Discharge supervision
10) P & I Insurance survey
11) Vessel Pre purchase Survey
12) Cleanliness inspections
13) Stockpile inventory
14) Container damaged inspection
15) Container Stuffing and un stuffing
16) Mineral product Moisture certificate.
After receiving job order, minimum quotation will submit to expedite work soonest. Company stablished since 1914 based in Quebec, Sea Sob Marine Inspection of corporate.
Business # 81023 7776 RT0001
My quotation for Initial and Final Draft survey $ 500/ + Mileage
Abdus Sobhan
Sea Sob Marine Inspection
inspection.marine@sobhangroupe.com, a.p.sobhan@seasob.com